Meet the Mixologists

with seasonal recipes


We look for the best mixologists at the Jersey Shore. This time we visited the Asbury Park Distilling Co. tasting room in Asbury Park to meet their mixologists and watch them in action. The Asbury Park Distilling Co. is proud to be the first and only distillery in Asbury Park since prohibition. They produce high-quality Vodka, Gin, Bourbon Whiskey, Aquavit and Espresso Limoncello on site at their distillery on Lake Avenue. Each of their seasonal cocktails are unique and created from scratch using the freshest ingredients. All their alcohol is handmade, along with their bitters, tonics, tinctures, syrups and cordials. The two mixologists we interviewed have very different stories, yet both have a unique talent and style that makes them one of the best at the Jersey Shore. Asbury Park Distilling Co {527 Lake Avenue, Asbury Park, NJ,}

with Tara Jean McDonald Bonanno

Jordyn Murray

Service Director & Mixologist Jordyn Murray always had a drive to further her career in the hospitality industry but it wasn’t until she discovered the Asbury Park Distilling Co. that she realized she wanted to be a mixologist. Her passion and creativity along with hands on training from the ground up gave her the opportunity to further her career.

Jordyn: I started at the Asbury Park Distilling Co. as a busser, but I knew I was capable of a higher level of service. So, I dove headfirst into trade podcasts, magazines, and research. I matriculated to becoming the service manager at the distillery. Each day I continue to be inspired by local, seasonal, and thought-provoking cocktails.

Tara Jean: What do you feel makes a “great bartender?”

Jordyn: In order to become a great bartender, you need to pay attention to detail. You also need to be part of a safe place for growth. Most importantly is to have fun!! I enjoy menu creating and being a part of a community. I also love seeing my regulars and offering them a unique experience! You tell us what you like, and we will give you the perfect cocktail to best fit your individual tastes.

Loggins Martini


  • 2 oz. Asbury Park Distilling Co. Vodka
  • ½ oz. Pepperoncini (1 oz. for more kick!)

Method: Fill large mixing glass with ice and ingredients. Stir. Double strain. Pour into chilled martini glass. Garnish with fresh Pepperoncini.

Thomas Post

Tasting Room Manager & Mixologist at Asbury Park Distilling Co.

Thomas Post has been in the hospitality industry for 17 years.

Thomas: I started my hospitality education as a freshman in high school at Freehold High school where my 4-year education was integrated alongside my first trimester of college education at Johnson & Wales university. After completing my associates at JWU I continued my hospitality education at the French Culinary Institute where I completed my introduction and Certified level diplomas with the Court of Master Sommelier. I have worked as a sommelier in Manhattan for 7 years for celebrity chefs as well as restaurant betony (awarded best beverage pairings in NYC – 1 Michelin star) and NoMad Hotel (Best bar in North America/ 3rd best bar in the world – 1 Michelin star)

Tara Jean: You have had tremendous opportunities and great experiences as a Certified Sommelier, but a lot of people relate a sommelier only with wine.

Thomas: I am a sommelier, and it is a common misconception that that title is specific to wine. Sommeliers are well rounded beverage professionals who are also well versed in spirits, mixology service and hospitality. It has been my privilege to work alongside some of the best bartenders in the world who gave me the opportunity to learn and gain experience honing my skills to be able to operate a bar setting confidently and professionally. I feel my well-rounded background in food and beverage allows me to inspire and educate the next generation of professionals.



2 oz. Asbury Park Vodka

2 oz. Cold Brew

1 oz. Horchata (made in house)

Shaken & strained over ice into
a Collins glass. Garnish with
orange twist.

Peppermint Vodka – add a
candy cane to your vodka and
leave overnight.
For a peppermint coffee
“Breakfast” – substitute with
peppermint flavored vodka.

Tara Jean: What do you enjoy most while working in the hospitality industry, and in your career?

Thomas: My passion in hospitality is education. I have always noted that what I like best about my position is taking the pretense out of what can be perceived as an intimidating subject and making it fun. After all, we are dealing with intoxicants, it is supposed to be fun. Teaching others what you know in theory also fortifies your own knowledge.

Tara Jean: Do you have one quote that sums up the experience you offer guests?

Thomas: Hospitality does not end with our guests; it begins with the level of hospitality we extend to each other within our own team.

Tara Jean: Can you share some of your favorite craft cocktail tips and recipes for the holidays so we can make them at home?

Thomas: Sure. What do you do at a campfire? Eat smores and tell ghost stories! I created a drink that has everything you need for the perfect campfire – Eye Have A Ghost Story with Asbury Park Double Barrel Bourbon, Callebaut Chocolate, graham crackers and home-made marshmallows.

Eye Have A Ghost Story


  • 750 ml. bottle of Asbury Park Double Barrel Bourbon
  • 12 oz. Callebaut 823 Milk Chocolate
  • Crushed Graham Cracker
  • Marshmallows melted into a creamy mixture (marshmallows made in house)
  • Ice


Double boil Callebaut Milk Chocolate. Whisk in 1 bottle of Asbury Park Double Barrel Bourbon. Whisk vigorously. Cover and refrigerate for 24 hours until it separates. Use cheesecloth to strain then discard remaining chocolate and reserve the liquid. Using rim of rock glass, dip half of rim into simple syrup, then dunk into graham cracker crumbs. Fill the glass with 2/3 ice. Pour 2.5 oz. of Chocolate Fat Wash Asbury Park Double Barrel Bourbon over ice and and add melted marshmallow to top. Toast the center of the marshmallow float with a culinary blow torch.

Asbury Park Distilling Co. is Asbury Park’s first distillery since prohibition.

{527 Lake Avenue, Asbury Park; 732.455.3935;}

Tasting Room Hours: Tues. 6pm-10pm, Wed & Thurs. 4pm-10pm, Sat 2pm-12am, Sun. 2pm-10pm, Monday closed.