DiningOut celebrated the launch of its Spring cover, which featured City Perch Kitchen + Bar and IPIC, at the Fort Lee restaurant helmed by James Beard Award-winning celebrity chef Sherry Yard on March 20. Dozens of guests, including media figures, local business, and restaurant owners, mingled while sampling some of the restaurant’s signature comfort foods and cocktails.

01 — Brigitte Neumann, President of Gold Coast Chamber of Commerce, Carol Rauscher and Jennifer Glass, vice president of the Teaneck Chamber of Commerce

02 — Lynne Hall, president of the Edgewater Arts Council and Douglas Hall, chairman Cultural and Historical Committee

03 — Alaynna Nivar, Dr. Simon Roytberg and Diana Rahaman of Smiles on the Hudson

04 — Nora Turpanjian, Brigitte Neumann, Diana Derti, Lianna Albrizio, Tatyana Dyagileva, Linda Barba, Lisa Elia, Tiffany Anghel Pollio, Mary Mustakas, and Celli Rivera

05 — Paul Turpanjian, publisher of DiningOut, Linda Barba, events coordinator and sales executive with DiningOut, and John Campbell and Joe Iurato of River Palm Terrace

06 — John Spitaletta, previous DiningOut publisher and chief business officer, Clip Strip Corp. and Paul Turpanjian

07 — Nora Turpanjian, Jessica D’Amico, writer, DiningOut, Lianna Albrizio, editor, DiningOut

08 — Tommy Hoerner and Kristie Veri of Clean Scape Corp.

09 — Fort Lee Republican Mayoral Candidate Anthony Navas, Linda Barba, Fort Lee council candidate, Nava and Michael Raviv, publisher Hi Class Living Magazine

10 — Rosalie Berlin, BergenPAC, John Cioletti and Colleen Keller, of Reno’s Appliance.

11 — Nora Turpanjian and Simone Boyles, senior account executive, Heaven Sent

12 — Marissa Mayid and Tom Ficucello

13 — Ray Kalafsky, Paul Turpanjian, publisher of DiningOut, and Anchal Jain, events coordinator for DiningOut

14 — Marge and Mark Dabakian

15 — Melissa, sister of Franco’s owner Gene Bazzarelli, with her husband, Domenick Minnici